Artist: Federico Molinari
Label: Pressure Traxx | PTX018

a1: aftershot
b1: big bird


Federico Molinari is back on track with two early morning cuts on Pressure Traxx for PTX18 Aftershot EP. The EP consists of two tracks. It kicks off with the track that wears the EPs name, Aftershot does not make you wait long, the melody makes its appearance right in the beginning, as well as the base line. Both are gripping and sweeping and make you want to move your feet so badly. The glassy hi-hat comes and goes in company of some caved-in noises, almost as if all these elements are moving in a space-alike atmosphere.

Big Bird is also a very moving and grooving track, dance orientated and full of complex noises combined with a whispering voice and bumping baseline that sets the tone to that piece. All in one some grooving and smashing tunes again to be found on Pressure Traxx.

written by Jules Richer