The long waiting for the expected exclusively release of Ricardo Villalobos on [a:rpia:r] imprint has come to an end. Empirical House LP will take shape in a double 12-inches featuring 4 well kept treasures, some being already familiar to us from the dance-floor.
The Romanian label runned by Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh stands up for the standards they setted up for from the very beginning:
“A set of a DJ is in fact, a puzzle of tracks, that wants to achieve an image. Most of the times we hear only the pieces. There are only few who can create a whole. The reason is the lack of pieces in the puzzle. Here we come, trying to cover the missing things. The purpose of [a:rpia:r] is not to conquer the radio or tv. The measurement unit is not the chart, but the pure feeling and sensation on the dancefloor, in the club.”

Until Empirical House will be released, you can listen the previews on

Words by Bianca Iulia