Artist: Ferro
Title: The Enforced EP
Label: Amphia / AMP022

A1. I said
A2. Post Apocalyptic Morning
B1. Unforced
B2. The contrary

Spring has sprung and here is another flower from Amphia which is featuring Dutch artist Ferro debuts alongside with « The Unforced ».
Ferro is a stunning producer and performer who’s have been for a long time resident from Amsterdam very own party-makers crew VBX, steadily releasing his creations on vinyls since 2014.
Indeed, he’s been part of several cool imprints such as Infuse, Moss Co, Oscillat Music, Valioso, Fasten Musique just to name a few, besides having taken good care of VBX label side on a bunch of handsome releases.
Introducing 2021 by being in charge of the 22nd piece of Amphia, he’s properly adding his groove sto Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia’s collection with this accurately selected four tracker.
« I Said » is opening it all through warm rhythms delightfully led by a mighty bassline, thoroughly enhanced along sensual whispers bringing up a subtle cadence.
« Post Apocalyptic Morning » is coming up next, swinging into darker modularized melodies empowering this hypnotic atmosphere through that chopped heading line and popping out pieces of voice, ultimately bringing up some sophisticatedly arranged tunefulness.
Release eponymous « Unforced » is highlighted on B side, unveiling some enrapturing flows peculiarly balanced along joyful elements adorning in a mesmerizing manner that thumping groove.
By means of tremendous mentalish rhythms and blissful guitarish patterns, this one is dazzlingly standing out from the others tracks molding this release through its singularly smoothened vibe.
Ferro is concluding this opus through a murkier yet playful groove with « The Contrary », shaping a deeply cerebralish tale ultimately wrapping up [AMP022].
Expected to be available in the next coming weeks, better secure a copy asap as this one is most probably going to be running out fast – get it straight from Playedby Shop HERE.


words by Cathy