Artist: Andrei Ciubuc
Title: Zorele Ep
Label: Uvar/Uvar004


  • A1. Don’t know why
  • B1. Pian Complementar

Not everybody may have heard of Andrei Ciubuc, but definitely everyone that attended a previous Sunrise event heard one of his tracks, as they are being played regularly by our well known local djs.

After releasing the Petru EP as the half of VRAC project alongside Vlad Radu, who also had some releases of his own at Stomping Grounds with S.A.M. and Jay Bliss and at Diagestai with Cristi Cons, now it’s about time for Andrei Ciubuc to emerge from the shadows and make his first official release as a producer. And what label could’ve been more appropriate to complete the task than UVAR, the label of Nu Zau and Sepp, another two of the many young and talented Romanian producers, with really successful results so far.

Zorele EP or UVAR004 are 25 minutes of absolute joy, as the first song, Don’t know why, induces us deeply in a really peaceful and calm state, with trippy sounds and a groovy bassline which will make us tear our shoes apart, while dancing. “Pian Complementar”, the second song of the EP is much different, being more alert but very well constructed, bringing some really intense piano notes into a gathering of kicks and hi-hats which allows us to concentrate on the song while reaching a state of total relaxation.

This will be a vinyl only limited so hurry up to grab your copy as soon as it will be available!