Artist: Audiotheque
Label: Bodyparts Records

a1: nevermind
b1: floating
b2: rootz


Audiothéque returns to Body Parts Vinyl as Andrey Kharitonov proposes Nevermind EP. The 20th installment of the series is one to be remembered for many years.
The A-side offers “Nevermind”, the single of this release, an uplifting banger with an aggressive bassline and a complexity of elusive vocals and instruments that will break a night and be the pike of it, a genuine trip is what this one ensures.
Coming firstly on the B side is “Floating”, a deeper side of Kharitonov’s vision, that also includes dirty elements as well, greatly combining two senses to represent a valuable option for morning afternoons, due to its groovy rhythm and seaside like influences. Closing the anniversary is “Rootz” as B2, the playful part of the whole picture, that fits in perfectly with the rest of the tracks, with a duality thanks to the drill.
High quality project by Audiothéque, a three-track gem that makes every second worth listening and playing for many to come.

words: Andras Schmidt