Artist: Brind
Label: Ruere Records / RUERE005

a1.Linu-i ezer
b1.Nandralau-i rizu

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And once again Ruere spoils us with a sharp two tracker EP by Brind, also known as Sepp.
Linu-i ezer directly kicks off with a bang. Piercing percussion and kicks move along a almost folkish melody. Most the entire piece evolves from a four-tone cell which appears in the ‘horns’ and flute a-like tones. The melodies we hear take different paths but move alongside harmonically. By the peak the shades emerge together, building a smooth composition and the rather rapid harmonic rhythm makes it dance orientated.
The B-side follows up with Nandralau-i rizu, a slightly more melodic but also make-you-want-to-move-your-feet tune. Again, folk-alike traces are used here combined with a gentle touch of easiness. What two wonderful pieces to be hearing to.

words: Jules Richer