Title: Hribi In Noapte EP
Label:PEL001 | Pelerin 1


A1: Glotas In Tarziu
B1: Lacul Norilor

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Pelerin’s first release presents the bewildering works of Brind, also known in certain circles as Ban Ditman, a friend of both classical influences and soundly crafted electronica alike.

“Hribi In Noapte” EP shapes the tone of a well thought out concept, using melody and harmony as the center piece of creation.

A Side – “Glotas In Tarziu” grabs hold of the essence of the ephemeral human existence, capturing tales of long forgotten ache and nostalgia, making for an excellent after hour tool.

Flip to B and we have “Lacul Norilor”, an even more organic piece uplifting us with voices of angels speaking of hope and heavenly landscapes as the waves slowly cover the shore.
Excellent moments for both dancefloor and late nights at home with friends, vinyl only with original artwork.