our own Cezar is one of the leading “new kids on the block”. his cutting edge sets are both seminal and energetic, the boundry between new and old, minimal techo or house is determined only by the vibe he finds “out there”.

playing alongside big names like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano or the whole Arpiar gang didn’t keep Cezar tied to the decks. he also found the time and energy needed to sharpen his production skills. Cezar even got involved in a live project with percussionist Lucian Maxim and vibrafone player Alexandru Anastasiu.together with Raresh, Praslea and Kozo, Cezar founded Afumati a production collective in which they work randomly and alltogether. his first solo EP (Din Gand in Cand) has just seen the light on the new Understand label. which he also started with Kozo and Praslea.