A combination of hard work and talent, Cezar and Cristi Cons started their back 2 back set at 10 am this sunday, vibrating a crowd so eager to hear them play together again after their performance at Secret Garden this summer.
Them, alongside Guesthouse’s perfect sound system, got us all dancing and cheering in what was an unforgettable 10+ hour joy. Their set had everything we could ask for as Cezar played deep and energizing songs which gave us the power to dance, such as Miradolores from the Cabanne + Adsum (Rhadoo) duo, while Cristi Cons tripped our minds with many of his own productions, as well as Petre Insiprescu’s masterpiece, Anima, the song you can never forget once you’ve heard it. After their incredible set, we can all say once more that we’re very fortunate to live in a country with so many great artists, having the chance to listen to them every week, something a lot of our foreign friends would wish for.

1.Melchior Productions – The Later The Evening

2.Cristi Cons – Change

3.Cabsum – Miradolores(Adsum Remix)

4.Michael Smith – Roots

5.Kenny Larkin – Wake Me

6.Christopher Rau – Weird Alps

7.Petre Inspirescu – Anima