Artist: Cosmjn
Label: Subtil / SBTL008

a1: vibr8
a2: bottle
b1: gotta say

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Cosmjn does the ‘floor a favour presenting Vibr8: his return after 2 years to the Berlin-based label Subtil & his fourth release so far.

The 12-inches barrels out of the gate with the track that wears its name, a piece full of sharpness that is built around a heavy-stepping rhythm. Meant to be used for club immersion, Vibr8 is textured with warpy riffs and a hypnotising incisive bassline.

As you glide into the sweet sounds of Bottle, you can already hear this production creep into the mix on a dance floor. The playful track sets the tone effortlessly with a thumping kick brought together with finely-carved hi-hats and some glassy bits of sound.

The third and final track of the EP – Gottasay – is a slick track driving forward with a wobbling bassline. The fusion with the whooshing synth lines that sound like they could electrocute you will get you caught under their spell.

Cosmjn used simple sound forms and only a handful of musical elements on each track, eager to allow the spotlight to shine on the rhythms and details. Allow your mind to Vibr8.

Words by Bianca