Artist: Costin Rp
Label: Ruere Records / RUERE004

a1.Beller one year
b2.Can you


Ruere welcomes Costin rp for its fourth release BASICS.

The EP is jamming off with ‘Beller One Year’, a smooth and sharp track, building a crawling and intriguing intimacy. Twisted sounds of a refined percussions and a concise voice blended with a cosmic melody effortlessly increase hypnotic features.

‘Subinc’ follows those hypnotic and tripping sounds, creating a more driving and bouncy atmosphere. A riffling through kick and glassy, swishing and zooming units are meant to be used for a dance floor dimension.

The third piece ‘Can you’ really gives us a full insight of Costin Rp’s musical personality. Some gentle and subtle textures are in perfect tune here and are skillfully arranged. A weightless transparency has mused through this beautiful track as well as through the whole EP. Enjoy this ‘little’ three tracker musical journey on ruere.

words: Julia