Artist: Crihan
Label: truelovesounds


a1: grosso modo
b1: circa


This time truelovesounds returns with its first EP of the year – a two tracker freshly served by Crihan.

Grosso Modo which comes from Latin and in translation means “more or less” is a 14 minute piece that takes the listener on a course full of delicate and slight components. All of these components are accurately chosen and mingled so when the almost ghost alike melody fades into the “more or less” fast paced track it is easy to say that this sequence can make the crowd mesmerize. The appearance of the melody comes and goes, leaving a feeling of dreaminess when in the end of the track the steady baseline kicks in and pushes the track further more. Very present is the percussion in the track sounding like a rattlesnake approaching her enemy – a tension created throughout.
‘Circa’ is a bonding round off to the A Side where elements and storyline are being continued. It is definitely not slower paced but sending out a grooving, relaxing rhythm with trembling drums and a subtle but present melody.