Artist: Crihan
Label: Mezin / Mezin01

a1.Sub Rosa
b1.Dor Ma runt

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By the end of this year Crihan returns with his solo project and new promising label named ‘mezin’. In translation ‘mezin’ means youngest brother, just like Alin Crihan is himself. The concept has been set in place for quite some time although only now Alin believed it was the right hour to show this baby to the world. As a result of we are very excited to be indulged with some more releases and efforts coming from that label.

‘Dor marunt’ intriguing voice and tension-building melody are very harmonic giving a sense of tranquility and thermal comfort. At the same time all those little noises and sounds such as chirping and tweeting, sparkling and creaking ensure a overall spooky and wondrous atmosphere.
The second piece ‘Sub rosa’ is lovely track with a very positive and again intriguing force. A effortless ease and airiness accompany the listener through the track that greatly fits into a after party scenario or a sunrise by the beach.
Both pieces are some simple but complex beauties without unnecessary features and frills.

Listen to it yourself and don’t miss out on this elegant and finesse first ep of this auspicious label.

words: Jules Richer