Artist: Cumsecade
Label: Plaisir Records / PLA003


1. a1: grey friday
2. b1: edene
3. b2: edene ( ali moghrani remix)


Plaisir Records returns this month with their 3rd release, an 12” vinyl signed by the Romanian Cumsecade aka Vid, continuing the successful collaboration of French and Romanian sounds, first on Zendid’s EP where Vid himself delivered a great reinterpretation and then Faster’s remix of Ali Moghrani’s Vertige.
A genre-defining three tracker, the EP opens with “Grey Friday” on the A side, a deep perception of melancholy and expressivity, a great composition with a genuine instrumental – piano influence, a perfect choice for long after hour sessions, offering also an uprising rhythm due to the well-balanced percussions. Coming on the B side is “Edene”, a more positive and peaceful approach with a light touch of spirituality. Its drums offer a proper groove that is continuously evolving into a greatly shaped bassline and hi hat combination that will uphold every dancer in a crowded night. Closing the EP is Ali Moghrani’s remix of the same, a spacey interpretation with an aggressive but really enjoyable view, being an authentic choice for the main of an event. Presenting a detailed soundscape that completes this groundbreaking release, the drops of this one will make you shiver.
Having done a tremendous job until now as a music label, Plaisir will definitely continue to surprise us with other remarkable infusion of French and Romanian influence, but only after this imprint will earn it’s deserved place in the classics of this year.