Artist: David Lunch (Zendid)
Title: Colonel EP
Label: Body Parts / BPV026

More than a year following its previous release, Body Parts Vinyl is jolting back with « Colonel EP » on which
Frenchy duo Zendid is featured for the first time under their alias David Lunch.
Coming back after a couple years of break in releasing, their brand new musical project being launched on Olga Korol’s label is truly stunning. Along this +28min modularized tale in which they are rightly highlighting their producing skills, this sophisticatedly-arranged four-tracker is accurately settling their debut on the Russian imprint.

A1 is introducing this edition with +7min « 30km Away », unveiling a raw darkish groove enhanced through this dazzling leading space-ish note and these backgrounded catchy whispers.

A2 is coming next with « Colonel » eponym signature of BPV026, gradually unfolding a breakbeat-ish rhythm deepening its atmosphere by means of grounded tunefulness adorned with a mesmerizing bassline.

B1 is resuming with « Polis Et Discret », granting a danceful production balanced through blissful elements over that murky voice, conveying some low yet intense frequencies.

B2 is concluding with +7min creation « Molle Molle », steadily decreasing the cadence by wrapping this EP up within gentle funkiness among cerebral melodies.
Just released and almost running out of stock, this beautiful opus is an absolute addition to this pacesetter record label.

You can order it here:
Playedby Shop / Blackroundtwelve

words by Cathy