Artist: Durrrred
Label:Kusi Records | KUSI005

a1: skurrrril
b1: skurrrril (arapu remix)


This year, Kusi returns with its fifth release so far coming from the Heidelberg based artist Durrred. The young talent makes his debut on the label with some refreshing sound.
SKURRRRIL which in in the English language means bizarre, comical or strange, is an interesting mix of those three words that make the meaning not fully translatable.

The a side with its original track kicks off with a subtil melody that conveys a mysterious tone and builds tension till the very end. A dominant high hat is present troughout the track and lays a signature to
the whole piece in it’s trippy – & preciseness.
Arapu remix of SKYRRRRIL comes with a strong baseline, perky percussion, harmonized with some voices and a melody. The high hat is still persistent with an emphasis on a grooving and dance oriented rhythm.

words by Jules Richer