▼ Alandala secret garden v.002

▼ Infused with our sense of optimism, we take the road towards our secret garden for our first night out of July. There is something special about it.  One could easily imagine it as some magical place set in some far-off land, although it’s actually so close to the city. The surrounding forest is so deep and thick, while the garden with the small lake and river seems too perfect to be real. It’s a garden of many moods, alternating tranquillity with colorful tumult. Grass and flowers at our feet and above us the stars. L e t ‘ s  g o.

❐ Traumer

❐ Dubtil



Jul 07 2018 - Jul 08 2018


08:00 PM - 08:00 AM


25 ron/ 35 ron/ 50 ron

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