TITLE:I Change, Just Like You EP
LABEL:VBX005 | VBX Records

A1: Endresonic
B1: Dark Revelations

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For the fifth instalment on their label the VBX crew taps frontman Ferro once more. His ‘I Change, Just Like You’ EP is a self proclaimed artistic statement from the man, who’s rising star shows no signs of slowing down.

The name Endresonic – the A side of this two tracker – subtly references the Norwegian vocalist, who’s haunting voice lends the percussion heavy and uplifting track a visceral quality. It’s the type of track that you will be humming the day after you heard it being played out by your favourite DJ, wondering what it could be.

Dark Revelations on the flip feels almost like the Mr Hyde to Endresonic’s Dr Jekyll. Countless heady modulating soundscapes, gurgling bleeps and blobs, subtle percussive elements and an eerie voice – with Ferro’s signature groove as the backbone holding it all together – ensure a trippy, almost cerebral, listening experience. ‘I Change, Just Like You’ provides the listener with an aural glimpse into the multidimensional universe of sounds that Ferro calls home.