Artist: Fusal
Label: Malonian

1. a1: calimero
2. b1: handicap
3. b2: dalailoop


Malonian returns with another groundbreaking release, as Salsal and Jan V. team up as Fusal to deliver something special. Coming from one of the most musically interesting cities in the world, Mannheim, the duo continued the labels run of high quality music.

“Calimero” starts the EP on the A-side, a combination of electronic and acoustic music that will enroll you on a complex trip consisting of piano, hi-hats and whistles that induces a calming and a danceable mood alike. Turning to the B-side, first you’ll find “Handicap”, a combination of instruments and percussions with futuristic sounds that turns the dancefloor upside down if played properly at the late hours of a party. Last, “Dalailoop” closes the release, an alert sound that you can hear only if you buy the vinyl, a piece of music that goes smoothly played with almost anything you might have in your case.

As you are already used to, this unique label pulled off once more something that goes far beyond rules or trend, blending a vibe that is perfect for club scenes and apartments as well, an act that they will continue to do in the future with the same manner.