TITLE:Cadre Ep
LABEL:ELIP002 | eliptic

A1: Un Anume
B1: Pedant
B2: Stop Cadru


The second Eliptic vinyl is coming from GIAS, fresh collaboration between Julian and Andrei Stoian, Bucharest based producers. This 3-track release perfectly combines various feelings and it takes you through happiness, melancholy and joy.
A-side Un Anume’ focuses the action around the occasional spoken vocals helping things roll along, groovy and perfect for the main part of the night. On B-side Pedant’ is a little darker and melancholic, but maintains the obsession with rough-but-groovy rhythms and mind-bothering bass vibrations.
Stop Cadru’ is the track that puts you in action through each element, waterish sound, sustained by subtle hats and voices and a powerful bass line.
Cadre’ is pressed in 200 copies, 180g, Vinyl Only.