Artist: IULY.B
Label: Visionquest / VQ062


a1: galaxy rider
a2: mountain lights
b1: wanderer


The emergence of Romanian producer IULY.B has taken a familiar form: warehouse parties in his hometown, a constant flow of promising tracks & the increasingly visible gigs. He’s rocking the 62nd release of VisionQuest with Observatory EP, harmonically matching the label’s leit-motif: a search for personal communication with the spirit world.

Side A starts spinning the Galaxy Rider, an interstellar journey dotted with sparks every now and then, not overstuffing the track but rather knotting it together while discovering new territories. The same side of the 12-inches goes further with Mountain Lights, a piece crafted in the manner IULY.B got us accustomed with so far: clean composition and uncluttered-soothing
sound. The sonic landscape illustrates riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave, making the world feel both infinitely vast and intimately small at once. Its vocoder-style synths are waved unnervingly in and out, revealing a deeper and more nuanced meaning behind the simplicity of their construction.

Side B is dedicated entirely to Wanderer, a 9-minutes track that’s braiding analog futurism into the textural kicks and some upbeat hi-hats. The metallic-flavored elements will take over your mind, backed by some rough slashing loops and a nicely driven groove.

The EP is the sound illustration of what Germans would call Wanderlust – a desire to travel, a longing for far-off places. Overall an uplifting softness reaches out to the listener, offering a peaceful state of mind to the restless traveler. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

words: Bianca Iulia