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Not everyone starts out as a singer for a Russian military band and ends up DJing in New York with Jeff Mills. Unless you’re Julia Govor, a Russian DJ whose incredible journey—from military band performer to resident DJ at underground Moscow clubs to Visionquest and Get Physical signee—is pretty fucking unparallelled.

Julia Govor is full of talent and charisma, born to move people. She is petite but full of stories. She got her start performing in a small military town in Russia, and ultimately became the cassette-DJ at the town’s nightclub in Abkhazia. Every Saturday, she was on stage performing new songs every week by Russian singers or written songs by her oldest sister Galina. Later, she became a singer in a military band calledMoryachka. She used Paul White’s beautiful silver Tascam to play pop songs from Sandra, Mr. President, 20 Fingers and other 90’s pop divas.In 2000 she moved to Temruk in South Russia where she became a real DJ playing CDs and mixing on a Vestax pmc01A.