Artist: Julian
Title: Peace in Chaos LP
Label: Eliptic / ELIP007

A1: Peace In Chaos
A2: Joaca
B1: Just Be
B2: Nightzzz
C1: Say Cheese At The Radio
D1: Day-Z
D2: A Matter Of Choice

The 7th Eliptic release, Peach In Chaos LP, is his much anticipated debut LP. It finds him explore rhythms that are imbued with all manner of late night motifs. Deft pads, wonky samples, chunky techno kicks and filtered loops all bring off beat charm and curious character to each and every track.

On A side, the bleep-heavy ‘Peace In Chaos’ stands out from the very first kick as a dance floor track, it spans across the full spectrum with the psychedelic bass and crunchy ’90s techno groove. On the flip, Julian explores a deeper territory, with some twitchy samples and nagging groove, on the minimalistic – but no less fluid or mind-altering – ‘Joaca’.

‘Just Be’ has a more rugged groove with slippery shakers and kinked percussions, tough rolling minimal aimed squarely at the main room at peak time, the dense bass pulsations of the track compliment the mood. ‘Nightzzz’ takes things into moodier territory with a broad sweep of keys spelling out an eerie mood around a break beat. A complete journey on B side.

Get ready for more swing-fuelled hypnotic groove business on C side, featuring the late night bass driven bump of ‘Say Cheese At The Radio’, that it gets more heady, with swirling pads circling round the vocal and nimble hits.

With ‘Day-Z’, Julian is diving deep into murkier waters via the creepy electronics, foreboding chords and heavy bass line, hypnotic enough for perfect dance floor dynamics. Finally, go deep into the afterhours on the atmospheric and sensual mood of ‘A Matter Of Choice’.