Artist: Korsakow
Label: Malonian / Malonian002


1. a1: abduction
2. a2: abduction (benonedit)
3. b1: sun of a gun (benonedit)


Malonian returns with their second imprint, “Abduction” EP, a great compilation from Korsakow. Following their pattern, after inviting Andrei Ciubuc to do a remix for the first release, this time the vinyl will contain two edits from Benone aka Raresh.
The EP opens with “Abduction”, a spacey sound with ingredients such as some quirky percussions and a story told by a calming vocal. Raresh continues with another interpretation of the same composition, which offers a little bit more rhythm and it’s a bit more linear in order to fit perfectly a daytime session. On the other hand we have another edit of Benone, “Sun of a Gun”, which delivers another perception of this sound, with its groovier approach that makes it a better choice for the main part of an event. This EP is defining for this summer’s history, being also supported by artists like Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Praslea and Raresh himself.
Awaiting to be released on the middle of July, this will also mark the start of the work that implies the continuation of a label that promises a lot and delivered remarkably until now. But before we take the next step, let’s take time to enjoy the present sound to the fullest.