Arist: Lisière Collectif

Title:  Les sons de la Lisière EP

Label: Moods & Grooves

Release Date: OCT 2014


  • A. E – 1208  13
  • B1. I – 1502  14
  • B2. A – 0519  13 

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Review by Nightclubber:

Probably many of you wonder who these guys are and where they come from so we`ll give you three clues: Romania, underground and techno.

Bogdan, Andu and Dan`s project was founded last year, and “Le sons de la Lisiere” EP is the first one of its kind, standing symbolically as an opening line in the long-expected book of sounds that these guys will write from now on.

Up and running, the EP is about to be released next month at Moods and Grooves, the Detroit label owned by no other than Mike Grant.

The story on this first release begins promising, with deep sounds of vintage dark on A1 side, teasing your senses and leaving no room for doubt that these guys know for sure what they`re doing. Every sound is smooth, simple, in place, a hard to describe combination of perfect minimalist touches that create the setup for what you`re just about to experiment.

The B1 side is more intriguing and mysterious, you find yourself trapped within the four walls of Underground and luckily there is no way out. With this track they reach the climax of their plot and leave you craving for more.

Ending it in a more than relaxed deep-house note on B2, you start asking yourself what was it that you liked so much about the sound of this first story. And then it hits you: it`s a classic. Simple and elegant like a black and white picture, it comes from the soul and at the very core of it is pure, like a distant childhood memory. After all, the sons have known each-other for a very long time and hopefully they will produce happily ever after.

Available Oct 2014

Written and produced by Andu Simion, Dan Gheorghe and Bogdan Ardeleanu.