Artists: Lizz, Alex Font, Vincentiulian
Label: Acme / Acme006

a1 Lizz – Chord Everywhere
b1 Alex Font – A Pie De Calle
b2 Vincentiulian – Rhode Hits

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This time Alex Font welcomes through his only vinyl imprint Acmé two of the most prolific and interesting producers of the minimal-house Romanian scene. Lizz and Vincentiulian.
Lizz opens the EP with “Chords Everywhere”, a dulcet piece constructed with rhythmical pads and accurate components, building smoothness as well as groove, and where every tiny sound thrives from one chord to the other, leading to balance.
On the flip side we find Alex Font himself with “A Pie de Calle”. It carries a playful character with sharp drums which shape the track to a tuneful compression. Swayed in the rhythm of percussion, dripping sounds are laid over the piece. On top of that many little elements are coming and going, merging together tensely and creating a ‘transient space’.
Last but not least, Vincentiulian produced a light harmonious beauty with a cosmic background, hermetical pads that blend in flighty and effortlessly, as well as the discreet voice and piano patterns that fly over the elements and create a positive vibe throughout. “Rhode Hits” intricacy is so flawless, the basis is warm-hearted and catchy.
All in one, Acmé06 is a charming and mellifluous EP with three very smooth and immanent tracks.
words: Julia