LIZZ is back on our label with Chapter II, a compilation of new and unreleased artifacts and other treasures from his dense catalog. Diverse and expansive, it captures his versatile musicianship and ever-evolving production style.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of tracks produced by LIZZ: on one hand rallying for the right to party, and on the other, nostalgic odysseys, sometimes lustful and sometimes wistful. Chapter II has a bit of everything. Thirteen tracks of club heat varied narrative that is worth listening to carefully.

Opener “Seamless” and its steady snare keep spirits high while the spacey keys provide a trippy, out-there vibe. On the flipside, “Clasic Dewan” uses elements we’ve heard before – warm pads, a percussive organ, and a looped vocal sample – but still makes for a great dancefloor track. Both tracks are a throwback to LIZZ’s tried and true Terrafirma.

“Cynelmoon” unravels a labyrinthine universe twisting in and out of misty existence, with its snake-like rattles winding through a maze of synth bleeps.

Refreshing and zippy, “Dip Si M” stands out as a gritty reinterpretation of a great space and sounds like the most fun he’s ever had on record. On the other hand, “Chemical Chords” is ethereal, meditative, with a hushed musicality that is almost stoic.

LIZZ takes the listener on a journey of vertiginous peaks and deep valleys as he leads “Round Around” into spiraling locked down looped club music.

Listening to “Nothing with Nothing” feels like a video-game on its own. It’s a bundle of joy and energy, peaking with a crescendo of color.

On “69” the energy builds with such careful, gradual restraint that even the most active listener might wonder how they ever got to this point. Chopped up shards of melody and vocals combine to create a kaleidoscopic funhouse with a strong Perlon-esque flavour.

“Roaky” is the dreamy track with an irresistible groove, where LIZZ combines smooth synth pads with dubby and distorted electronic drums that add a sense of cyberpunk feel, reconfirming’s Playedby’s fanaticism for this project.

A bubbling, percussive roller marks the beginning of “Jazzohub” and skyrockets from there. The track hits with an inviting vocal that dissolves into a fluid swirl of layered hand drums.

“No More High” is a a real banger. This one bounces hard with a bass-heavy beat and a military snare, leaving you no choice but to tip-toe with its groove all night long.

Chasing an ever-vivid muse,”Electronic World” hits with its drumming rhythms, labyrinth of synth bleeps and bold vocals reminiscent of tunneling club nights.

Closing track “I Am Cross” brings an unusual kind of dark atmosphere to the fore: it’s cavernous and enveloping, almost as if the rhythm was an afterthought.

Chapter II is every bit as ambitious as its predecessor. Across thirteen tracks, LIZZ approaches the dancefloor forms of his earlier work with a fresh and voluptuous groovy attitude. Somehow, individually, we must reclaim our own experience.

words: Bianca Iulia

A Seamless
B1 Clasic Dewan
B2 Cynelmoon
C1 Dip Si M
C2 Chemical Chords
D1 Round Around
D2 Nothing With Nothing
E 69
F Roaki
G1 Jazzohub
G2 No More High
H1 Electric World
H2 I Am Cross

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