Artists: Martinez, Jorge Savoretti, Mariano, Guti, Livio & Roby
Label: Savor
Format: Vinyl

A1: Martinez – Operation Paperclip
A2: Jorge Savoretti – U-Fonk#05.02
B1: Mariano – Protolight
B2: Guti + Livio & Roby – Rogues 002

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One of the most sought after latin american labels, Savor Music, is back with a triple compilation called Unami.

This release gathered many interesting artists from all around the world who together deliver a colourful sound palette.

The third vinyl slab starts with a mega minimal-house jacking bomb by Martinez… groovy, sexy and full of swinging drums. Jorge Savoretti’s has a sick boogie bassline counterbalanced with ethereal atmospheres, an essential track for any modern dancefloor. On the last side of this triple pack we have Mariano, who managed to balance elastic percussions, hypnotic melodies and of course, a killer funky bass. B2 is a mega space bomb by the talented Guti, who this time joined forces with Livio & Roby. Together they’ve built a super spatial driving track with a subby bassline that will blow any sound system.

Enjoy the flavours!