Family Jubilee II – 3 x 180g vinyl package.
Releasedate: 21.07.2017

Meander turns 10 years.
A representation of the past 10 years with previously unreleased music.
The label celebrates their first decade with their second compilation, 5 years after the initial Family Jubilee. The result is a collection of 3 x 180g vinyl records. All discs are available individually, with limited special artwork. As a package it forms a distinctive reflection of Meanders momentum.


A Ion Ludwig – Mitad Del Mundo (MEANDER 20.1)
B Vlad Caia – Slowsetup (MEANDER 20.1)
C Cristi Cons – Meandering (MEANDER 20.2)
D Franky Greiner – Klaus Grony (MEANDER 20.2)
E1 Konrad Black – Snake Charmers (MEANDER 20.2)
E2 Kamran Sadeghi – Amber Alert (MEANDER 20.3)
F DeWalta – Pin Tweaks (MEANDER 20.3)