Meander reaches its 29th labyrinthic release in 13 years of activity and invites Alci to return to the Berlin-based label. The 12-inches entitled “Can’t Dance’ features 4 tracks revealing Alci’s recent sound, and is out today on 3rd of July. This EP presents a slightly different side to his studio work, crossing the kind of slow-burning, atmospheric cuts adding up to intricate grooves.

A1 spins ‘Can’t Dance’ – a gem sustained all along by a resurrecting vocal that comes to the surface from time to time, like an implied beat in the music’s steady pulse.

A2 ventures into Sonsuz Seconds (meaning endless) – a track that ventures into a knotted-groovy marvel. Whether it be the bright synth sounds or whiplash rhythm, the A-side makes for a playful streak.

On the flipside, the Zurich-based artist with Turkish roots reveals a bit more of his cultural mix flavor through Kelime Iki. Undulating tones provide a sensation of something similar to a bassline, tense hi-hats and sonorous drums breathing life and a dream-like storyline.

B2 brings to the turntable Kelime Bir with the kick drums hitting in intuitive places. This is dry and minimalistic groovy beat science.
Plucked together, all the traits of Alci’s sound design are totally fitting MEANDER’s musical trademark, making for an interesting listen throughout the label’s catalogue.

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words: Bianca Iulia