Artist: Msdeep
Label: Neostrictly / Neostrictly011


1. a1: dobin
2. b1: ezzo


Neostrictly returns with their 11th release and the second one from Msdeep aka Sedee & Marc Philipp. Titled “Quiet Deep” EP, this 12” vinyl is a well-shaped composition consisting of two equally artistic tracks.
On the A-side we find “Dobin”, a piece with a noir-ish flair, full of trippy sounds and a sci-fi like acapella that gives this track enough personality to win over the crowd easily. A very linear and consistent jam, it is a good choice for both the early part of a dancing session and towards the end.
Coming on the B-side is “Ezzo”, a track that offers more likely a nature-like atmosphere with an engaging bassline and some well-placed high-hats. As well as “Dobin”, this one is also usable at any point of an event given its alert rhythm that doesn’t give you any breaks.
Great impressions about this release and looking forward to hear what Neostrictly has to offer in the near future.