Artist: Nu Zau
Label: The Rabbit Hole / TRH008


1. a1: bioco23
2. b1: carousel


Nu Zau reappears on The Rabbit Hole’s team sheet after his “Voyage à Paris” debut EP for the 8th release of Pagal’s well known label. “Prispa Zorilor” is a long-awaited EP that contains two extremely hunted tracks from the co-owner of Uvar.
Firstly, we have “Bioco23” on the A-side, an amazing slice of art for the afterhours that was also available on fabric 78 that was mixed by Raresh. A genuine interpretation of Nu Zau’s musical perspective, offering a fresh vibe with some quirky percussions and an intriguing-laughing vocal with a topping of some elusive synths that give a proper lounge-like feeling.
On the other side we have “Carousel”, a continuation of the mystery that the A-side delivers. Constantly evolving, this trippy groove is everything the Romanian sound is about, with an enjoyable bassline and a linear but also surprising construction. An excellent release considering that both tracks have been heavily supported by artists like Raresh and Barac, just to give some examples.
We can only think that the founder of the Why so Series label is going to amaze us even more with his next releases, as well as we are expecting The Rabbit Hole label to keep up their level with many more like this to come.