TITLE:This Time
LABEL:CASEONE001 | Caseone

A1: This Time
B1: Tomorrow’s Party

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Sepp steps up under another of his aliases and lacks hesitation in delivering a pair of perfectly layered and structure oriented compositions.

Consistent drum lines are making their way through melodic build ups and tamed vocals that weave their way between the synth patterns, recreating an 80s feeling through contemporary kaleidoscopic lenses.

The richness of drum constructions and positively abundant kicks are being felt on both sides. While “This time” is something that keeps us in the same range of bass elements and a fanciful atmosphere – “Tomorrow’s Party” is the one with more of disco/electro influences converted and adapted by the artist to his needs in order to create a seasoned-to-excellence harmony. Such records can be defined as travel capsules that take you forth and back in time within the same side of it.

It is a signature of his to put together pieces that belong to both shady warehouses on early mornings or day-dreaming sessions inside.

early support: Ricardo Villalobos

words by Adre Ianul