A1: Mood
A2: Mood (Vincentiulian Remix)
B1: Zefir
B2: Zefir (Vendi Remix)

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The fourth installment of refacelimited brings not just one but a few distinctive artists together that shape a tender soundscape.
Peshka’s ‘Mood’ is one of those track you hear once and remember forever. The tension building rhythm, the angelic tones as well as the mysterious male voice create an almost movie-like soundtrack, suitable for any final credits. The track is full of strong melodies, leading to one collisions of the accompanies which ends in a big but positive explosion. Vincentiulian’s interpretation has got a crispy, luscious twist with a richness of drums and kicking elements throughout.
Up next on the flip side we find another original by Peshka. ‘Zefir’ kicks in with a breaky flow that continues through the whole track, joined by outer space components. Sharp cut filters unleash the suspense but create more dimension as well as dynamic to it. VENDii’s approach to the piece is rather soft and melodic. Flappy sounds come and go but the airy lightness stay throughout the whole track which rounds off this EP flawlessly. Four beautiful tracks that can put in the right mood for sure.

words: Jules Richer