artist: Sepp
label: Pleasure Zone / PLZ026.1

a1Cantor des Cimpoi

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Sepp’s trail through the many imprints that have had the opportunity of headlining him could be considered a prolific one, and a consistent journey. Nontheless you get the feelng that he might have had a certain sound in mind the whole time, a trajectory which he holds sacrosanct.
Bearing that in mind, he’s presented some changes that his sound has shaped over the years and the familiarities that you most certainly notice in his tracks – the small, intricate details that pop up in Cantor Du Salon are his trademark sequences – micro hats, layered and juggling around, reverbs on the 2nd, 8th or 6th bar on the snare drum, instances of hidden voices and cleverly disguised artifacts and that delicate kick that just comes out enough to hit you in the right spot. Melody and coherence are there also, both of which are plentiful in the A side “Cantor des Cimpoi” and also “Balsason”.
Though the melancholy and drive are more prevelant in the A side, you can’t help but notice a different side to him gaining up as well with “Cantor Des Cimpoi”, shifting towards the end from the improvised piano sequences to rhythimc elements that give the track weight, before finally letting go with a harmonic and dramatic virtuoso pad performance.
The “B” side “Balsalon” is more like a nudge, rather than a push. The more predominent kick and bassline make it stand out more – It’s the crisper, cleaner of the two tracks, with the female vocals coming out more and gently bringing you closer in. At the same time it seems a bit aloof, a more goofy and humorous side of Sepp, almost like a jack track in the early 90’s, with those background stabs and congas bringing it all together.
In the end, the 13 to 14 minutes each track compiles gives more than enough room to work with for those DJ sets you want to stretch out and play around with. Pleasure Zone hits it home with this one, another one for the dancefloor this season, another stinger under Sepp’s belt.

words: Bogdan Danciu