14 years ago a handful of people were witnessing an emerging Romanian clubbing scene. That was when, on the beach of Celentano in Mamaia Nord, while watching the Sun rise on the horizon, an idea popped in the mind of its founder – to create an agency that gathers the very few Romanian DJs under the same label and promotes electronic music events across Romania. With great work and vision, Sunrise played a crucial role in growing the scene, writing chapters of clubbing history for quite a few generations of party people. And they continue to do so.

While their first years of events were merely a shy initiative everything changed in 2005. That summer, the Romanian crowd had seen in premiere artists like Richie Hawtin, Magda or Pascal Feos. And when 1,000 people gathered in Escape club to see Luciano and Thomas Melchior for the first time things suddenly become more serious. 2006 was the second successful year for the Sunrise crew. Raresh – the wonder kid, was noticed by Ricardo Villalobos during his first performance in Romania and become a part of Sven Vaths Cocoon label. Many international gigs have followed.

In 2007 [a:rpia:r] was founded: a vinyl imprint only label and the most successful Romanian electronic music project, that put the Romanian sound on the map. More artists like Kozo and Cezar or Boola and Demos joined the crew so the need for a club of their own was imperative. Those who were a part of it will sure remember club Session with its long parties with names like DJ Sneak, Ellen Alien & Apparat, Zip and many others. For the rest is yet another page of history worthy to be mentioned.

That same year, marked the first edition of the Sunwaves Festival. One of the largest electronic music festivals in Romania, growing from one stage to five, Sunwaves gathers people from all over the world, two times a year. There’s something utterly unique about partying with your feet in the sand for two, or three, or four or even five days in a row, isn’t it?!

Since the beginning Sunrise has successfully planned and organized around 200 parties and counting. The agency grew to 30 artists with gigs all over the world. Other new party concepts have emerged like Sunrise at the Casino, SNRS48 or Dor de Munte. Who knows what will come next. Could it be a festival outside Romania? I guess we will have to wait and see.

All we know for sure is that Sunrise is more than a brand, Sunrise is a feeling, Sunrise is us vibrating on the same frequency. Let’s celebrate their 14 years anniversary and spring with good vibes at club Eden!