A contemporary story through sounds: VincentIulian’s Contempo EP

VincentIulian stands for what a producer’s work should be all about: critical listening and innovative action. His production is focused on shaping a deep sound, a mixture of dubby and edgy minimal, crisp yet alive. The tracks are hard pin down to one genre, shifting between a groovy spread of sounds, mellow and vibrant, percussions and bass, ones that can match any time of a party, much like the chapters of a book. On side A, both tracks are quite playful, with „Fixfue” introducing the storyteller, a feminine vocal and the song get its power from the wide and warm bassline. “Sonora” presents itself through ritual-infused percussions. The track evolves constantly, with a focus on low mid drums and strong kicks. On side B, “Retras” is the calm-down-mantra of the album, with a clear sounds but pummeling bass sequences. “S-ude cv” the melodic soft finale, has a queer-empowering and meticulous structure, one that slowly folds the story.

A1 : Fixfue
A2 : Sonora
B1 : Retras
B2 : S-Ude Cv