Artist: Vlad Dinu
Title: MIHAI BRAVU 001
Label: Mihai Bravu

a1: deep in my house
b1: gun zah
b2: questions answered


Vlad Dinu opens Mihai Bravu s 1st release starting the audio journey with Deep in my house, a track that occupies the entire A side, just like a proper tool should. As the name of the track hints, we find ourselves submerged in deep territory: a tight and groovy bass line, laced with a steady percussion, sprinkled with some 16bit arcade reminiscent accents and soothing intermingled vocal cuts. The deep vibe is crafty perpetuated by several synths at play, which together combine in such a way to add a wide atmospheric feel to the composition. Definitely Deep in my house sounds and feels more like of a 90’s tune, and while listening to it, one could easily find himself drift into the nostalgia of the good old days.
Side B goes even deeper with two tracks defined by the notion of head tracks. Gun Zah continues the storyline with twisty percussive rhythms and a groovy atmosphere, tailored into a bangin floor choon while Questions Answered submerges the listener into layers of groovy basslines, swifty percs and milky synths, all put together into the form of a most alive track.